When most people think of landscaping, they tend to think of the things that grow, like flowers, trees, shrubs and grass. These are all beautiful and integral parts of any landscape, but they are really only the beginning of a standout property exterior. A truly eye-catching exterior will also feature a thoughtful arrangement of non-living elements, such as walkways, patios and ornamental pieces. It is these elements that elevate your lawn from a yard to an outdoor living space. When well-designed, a hardscape will enhance, never detract from, the natural beauty of the plants and trees you’ve worked hard to grow. Of course, designing and installing your planned hardscape is easier said than done, and that’s why Jatu Lawn Care is here to help. Offering hardscaping services in Berks County, Chester County and Montgomery County, we can create the hardscape design that will transform your home or business into the talk of the neighborhood. Jatu Lawn Care’s hardscape specialties include brick and paver walkways, patios and courtyards, retaining walls and decorative planters.

PavedWalkwayBrick and Paver Walkway Installation

There’s just something about a walkway winding through a garden or up to a door that instantly adds charm and elegance to a landscape. Beyond aesthetics, walkways are a practical addition in any location where property owners have to deal with snow or seasonal mud. Whether you prefer the look of brick or paver paths, a walkway will improve your property’s curb appeal.


Patio and Courtyard Installation

Patios and courtyards turn your lawn into another living room, making them as functional as they are beautiful. They can also add to your property’s value. A solidly installed patio or courtyard will provide many years of outdoor enjoyment, making these hardscape pieces a true long-term investment in your home or business.

RetainingWallRetaining Walls

The addition of a retaining wall completely transforms the look and feel of your property’s exterior. A retaining wall can provide privacy to your patio, highlight your property’s boundaries or add visual interest to your garden. Multiple retaining walls can create several distinct living areas out of one big lawn. They can also be used strategically to create a flat yard surface where one might not otherwise exist.

Decorative Planters and Surrounds

Decorative planters and surrounds highlight your favorite trees, flowers or shrubs, adding detail and interest to your exterior design. They are the perfect finishing touch to a beautiful new hardscape. Even if now isn’t quite the right time to fully redesign your property’s hardscape, you’ll be surprised at what a difference a few well-placed containers and surrounds can make.

Why Choose Jatu Lawn Care?

You take pride in your property, and we take pride in our work. We’ll ensure that no detail is overlooked as we work with you to design the hardscape that’s best for your home or business. Our friendly and responsive customer service is what sets us apart. We also aim to keep our rates as competitive as possible, and are glad to be able to offer discounts to senior citizens and military personnel.

Jatu Lawn Care’s hardscaping services are available to residential and commercial clients in the following communities of Berks, Chester and Montgomery Counties:

• Phoenixville
• Limerick
• Collegeville
• Oaks
• Valley Forge
• Spring City
• Chester Springs
• East Coventry
• North Coventry
• South Coventry
• Pottstown

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