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Everybody wants a lawn that is gleamingly green, lusciously thick and flawlessly healthy-looking, but not everybody has the time to make it happen. In order to look its best, your lawn needs regular care and attention, and that means more than a mere weekly mowing or an occasional watering. That’s where Jatu Lawn Care comes in. A full-service landscaping company, we are committed to beautifying Berks, Chester and Montgomery Counties, one lawn at a time. We work with both residential and commercial clients year-round. Our professional lawn care services include cutting and maintenance, trimming, sod and seeding and lawn aerating.

LawnMowingLawn Cutting and Maintenance

Regular lawn cutting and maintenance may seem pretty basic, but it’s these kinds of seemingly mundane tasks that make or break the appearance of your lawn. Proper mowing and maintenance also greatly improves the overall health of your grass. Our expert cutting maintenance services allow you to enjoy a gorgeous lawn without all the work.


A beautiful lawn is in the details, and trimming is one of the most important of those details. When done properly, this extra step gives your lawn that meticulously manicured look that eludes so many property owners. Professional equipment can really make a difference here.

SodSod and Seeding

Whether starting fresh with a brand new lawn or renovating a tired-looking landscape, professional sod and seeding services can provide superior results. Proper soil preparation is important to success with either method, as is maintenance after sodding or seeding. Sod and seed each have their own advantages and disadvantages, and we can help you decide which is the better option for your property.

Lawn Aerating

The soil in your yard can become compacted over time, and this can keep your grass from growing in as lush and plentiful as it should. Aerating a lawn loosens things up by poking holes into the soil, allowing fresh water, oxygen and nutrients to rush in and fuel the growth of your grass. That means a thicker, healthier and less weed-prone lawn in the long-term.

Why Trust Jatu Lawn Care With Your Lawn?

We’ll keep your lawn healthy and beautiful with our professional expertise and our meticulous attention to detail. We also like to think that we treat our customers just as well as we treat their lawns. Prompt, courteous customer service is something that’s important to us. Give us a call to learn more about our extraordinarily reasonable rates, and don’t forget to ask us about our discounts for military personnel and senior citizens. Your lawn will thank us for the attention, and your wallet will thank you for the savings.

Areas We Serve

Jatu Lawn Care is proud to look after the lawns of the following towns and communities:

• Phoenixville
• Limerick
• Collegeville
• Oaks
• Valley Forge
• Spring City
• Chester Springs
• East Coventry
• North Coventry
• South Coventry
• Pottstown

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