Leaf Removal and Fall Clean Up

As the autumn leaves drift from the trees and the temperatures grow crisp and cool, you may be thinking that your lawn care duties for the year are finished – but you might want to think again. The grass may be soon be hidden by a thick blanket of snow, but that doesn’t mean that you can now overlook the needs of your lawn and trees. In fact, autumn and winter are an important time for ensuring the continued health and beauty of your property exterior. Think of these colder months as “beauty sleep” for your lawn. Essential seasonal tasks such as leaf removal, debris cleanup and pruning will help your landscape come back better than ever next spring. Of course, you may see the change of seasons as a time for carving fresh pumpkins and sipping hot apple cider, not as a time for doing heavy yard work. That’s not a problem. Jatu Lawn Care can take care of leaf removal and fall cleanup for your home or business, so you can sit back and enjoy a great-looking lawn year-round.

Leaf RemovalLeaf Removal

A layer of brightly colored leaves over your lawn looks beautiful at first glance, but allowing those leaves to remain all season can wreak havoc on the health of your grass. Fallen leaves block the sunlight and absorb the water that your grass needs to grow in green and luscious next year. With a little help from the wind, they can also end up in your property’s curbs, drainage ditches or storm drains, none of which are good places for them. So after you’ve had your fun jumping in a few piles of leaves, it’s time to have them removed. When done thoroughly, raking and cleanup for a typically sized lawn can be surprisingly time-consuming, making professional leaf and debris removal services worthwhile for many residential and commercial properties.


Many types of trees and shrubs benefit from regular pruning, in terms of both health and appearance. Pruning thins out branches so that light can better reach the plant, which leads to increased growth over the long term. Corrective pruning is also used to improve a tree or shrub’s shape and appearance, and is a solution to problems such as branches that hang over a roof or parking lot. The end of the year is a good time to prune because the lack of leaves makes it easier to visualize which parts of the plant need removing, and because a dormant plant is less likely to be injured during the process. That being said, improper pruning can badly damage a plant, so when in doubt it’s best to leave those shears in professional hands.

Now that you know the importance of proper seasonal lawn care, give Jatu Lawn Care a call to learn more about responsive and detail-oriented fall cleanup services at an affordable price. Don’t forget to ask us about our discounts for senior citizens and military personnel.

Jatu Lawn Care is proud to look after the lawns of Montgomery County, Chester County and Berks County, with leaf removal and fall cleanup services available to residential and commercial clients in the following areas:

• Phoenixville
• Limerick
• Collegeville
• Oaks
• Valley Forge
• Spring City
• Chester Springs
• East Coventry
• North Coventry
• South Coventry
• Pottstown

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